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Our affect on others means the world to us. We are proud to share our patient’s testimonals.

Dr. Leslie and Dr. John are amazing! They truly care about your health and want to help make your life better. The waiting room does not feel like the traditional, boring waiting room. You do not feel confined in a drab room that makes you hate your decision of going to the doctor. The large windows make it feel very open. The furniture choices and the artwork hanging on the wall make the space feel very personable and welcoming — as if you belong there. The relationships you’ll make with the doctors will be something you will never squeal from like you might with the dentist. You look forward to going to Dr. Leslie and Dr. John because they don’t cause any pain, they relieve it. They’re welcoming, charming, and all around great people. I hope you enjoy them just as much as I have!

-Lexi M.


I’m from Florida and had excellent care down there. So when I moved up here I was a little hard to please but then I found Glendale Family Chiropractic and I am so happy I did! They spend a great deal of time with me and really listen to me regarding my issues and concerns. They have helped reduce my pain and my mobility is much better in just a short time. They are very knowledgeable with the newest techniques of care and have a great way of explaining everything to me. Thank you Dr. John and Dr. Leslie!

-Sharon T.


These Docs are some of the most customer focused Chiropratic Professionals I’ve been involved with. Not only are they patient focused, but wellness focused. They have not only helped with my knees and general pain from preexisting injuries from playing college football. But they have taught me how to maintain outside of office. They are always willing help. Wonderful Family practice as well. Our 2 year old son loves playing with Dr Leslie while Dr John takes care of me. And then make sure that my wife (third trimester) is also taken are of and is as comfortable with the extra turkey she is carrying! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. We make the trip from Columbus, OH at least once a month (sometimes more) for generally relief. You don’t know what “fixed” is until you walk out taller and feeling GREAT!

-Tyler L.


I went to Glendale Family chiropractic recently due to lower back pain. I was amazed to find Dr. Leslie Zook and Dr. John Zook both attending to my problem and for the first time I felt much better. The lower back pain was gone. They are professional and knowledgeable in their field. They have the most updated equipment . The first time patient workup was detailed . They are completely interested in well patient care and spend ample time with you in order to determine the best process for your particular problem.It is without any hesitation that I recommend Drs. Leslie and John Zook. for all your chiropractic care.

-Merlene S.


I have constant neck issues and my neck always feels better after being adjusted. They also are helping me improve my posture as well. They are the most detailed chiropractors. Glendale family chiropractic takes the time to understand my problem and work to fix it, whether it is my neck or lower back. -Brad G.


I suffered from migraines with auras, I sought help from the doctors at this practice, and I haven’t had another one since! They are very helpful and really take the time to listen. Thank you Dr. Leslie Zook and Dr. John Zook!

-Kelly H.


These two are amazing! I highly recommend their practice, especially for those who have children. -Candace H.


Drs. Zook have helped my entire family from my husband, 18 month old to myself who is 7 months pregnant. They are both extremely friendly. You will just love your experience!

-Amanda Z.


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