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We offer personalized chiropractic care to all of the Cincinnati area

Your spinal health is our top priority, and we know everybody is different. At Glendale Family Chiropractic each patient receives an individualized plan for recovery and ongoing care. Our goal is to find the appropriate chiropractic practices for your health needs.

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What to Expect When You Become a Patient at Glendale Family Chiropractic

For your first visit, please allow 45 minutes for a thorough physical exam for our chiropractors to learn about you and your health goals. Once documented, the doctors will explain your particular condition along with explaining the adjustments and any associated therapies deemed necessary. If your condition is not a chiropractic case, we will refer you to the appropriate physician.

On your return visits, we spend time with you to assess your pain levels and review a proper care plan. Your return visits are scheduled for 15 minutes. Our policy is to spend as much time with you, as needed, to achieve optimal results. We strive to see a steady decrease in symptoms with every visit. We understand everyone heals at different rates. This takes time, so your care is treated dynamically and varies from person-to-person based on individual healing rates. Our mission is for our patients to get out of pain as soon as possible so they can enjoy the benefits of chiropractic wellness care.

Once you are out of pain, we recommend a monthly routine of wellness chiropractic care. A routine chiropractic adjustment keeps you pain-free along with a decrease in injury or relapse, and an increase in immune function and optimal function.

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